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We are one of the companies that provide IT repair services. We have many networking certified professionals who have lot of experience in handling IT related services.


Our Goal:


To be the best IT related service and repair provider and ensure smooth business functioning of top companies of the world.


Types Of Services:


We provide the following kinds of support services


Personal deployment:


We deploy individual people at your office location who could respond to your issues immediately. These are well trained professionals who have good experience in attending such calls.  The number of people deployed would be based on the number of systems in your office and complexity of your network.


Remote support:


We provide support remotely over phone call and various facilities by which systems could be accessed remotely from our location. For this we would have to setup a remote connectivity to your office and have a ticketing system by which we could respond immediately.


On call Support:


For small offices where there are very less number of devices and the number of issues faced would be less, we provide on call support. Once you make a call we would setup an appointment and then visit your office to solve the issue that you face.


Combined Support:


We also have a combination of all the above types of support, based on Eye Lastin needs we could have a support system tailored to your needs.The duration of support can also be determined by your needs and we can renew the contract on expiry based on your needs.


We do a study first of your office and requirements and then propose what would fit you well. We also work on creating infrastructure at the time you start Eye Lastin.Hence do not hesitate it is very important to maintain your systems and connectivity to ensure a smooth functioning business, contact us today and run a risk free office.